Take your support to new heights! 

Over the Edge for VINE is an exciting fundraiser that gives you the chance to raise money to help finish the fifth floor of the VINE Adult Community Center, in exchange for the opportunity to rappel from the roof. The first 92 fundraisers to pay their $25 registration fee and raise $1,000 will get to go over the edge of our five story building on Saturday, April 29.

Get Involved:

Become an Edger! Sign up to raise money to help VINE finish our fifth floor so we can expand our fitness center and provide more programming for older adults in our community.  Sign up to rappel and the first 92 to reach $1,000 go over the edge.  If you raise $1,500 you get to wear a GoPro and keep the video footage of your experience and if you raise $2,000 you get a personalized brick to be permanently installed in the VINE Adult Community Center.  

Donate! Too chicken to rappel yourself? No problem, you can still donate. Find an edger you want to donate to or donate directly to VINE and help our Executive Director, Pam Determan fly the chicken coop! If we raise over $500,000 Pam will rappel off the roof in a chicken costume! Donate online or download a donation form.  

Volunteer! Join our planning committee or help the day of the event. Contact Paige at 507-386-5573 or paiges@vinevolunteers.com to learn how you can get involved.  If you have experience with rappelling and want to be a ropes volunteer sign up here.

How does it work?

It's as easy as 123 to start fundraising for Over the Edge for VINE.

  1. Join the cause: Sign up to fundraise to help VINE finish the fifth floor of our building and donate the first $25 to yourself.
  2. Tell your story: Create your personal fundraising page to let others know why you’re rappelling.
  3. Get support: Share your page with friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, etc. to inform others about VINE and raise money. 

Give or Go:

Toss the Boss:  Ask your boss if they would be willing to participate, then create a fundraising page for them and encourage employees to donate to see them rappel from the building. 

Create a Team:  Gather your friends, family or co-workers to create a team fundraising page and for every $1,000 you raise; you can send one of your team members off the building.

Raffle:  Afraid you won't be able to raise $1,000?  join the Raffle Team for just $25 and for every $1,000 raised, we'll give away one rappelling spot at random to one of the Team Members.


Friday, April 28:

  • 1-4 pm: Media Rappels - come watch Mankato's local celebrities rappel from the building 

Saturday, April 29: 

  • 9 am - 5 pm: Rappeling 92 daring souls who raised $1,000 or more for VINE

What is VINE?

VINE Faith in Action was established in 1995, as an interfaith volunteer caregiving organization serving older adults, people with disabilities and individuals and families encountering difficult life situations.

Over the years, staff and programs have been added allowing VINE to assist with chores, meal on wheels, transportation, adult literacy, medical equipment rental, caregiver support, adult respite and an adult community center where aging adults can improve their physical health, socialize with peers and exercise their mind. Throughout its growth, VINE has remained true to its mission to promote quality of life and a culture of caring, sustained by volunteerism, community engagement and support for neighbors in need.

Learn more about VINE at www.vinevolunteers.com or check out our video.  


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